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Friday, February 12, 2016

Nigerian Lawyer Dodo Interrogated On Halliburton Scandal | Sahara Reporters

Nigerian Lawyer Dodo Interrogated On Halliburton Scandal | Sahara Reporters: Damian Dodo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, was interrogated for eight hours by agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Thursday, according to a statement by EFCC spokesman Wilson Uwujaren. The EFCC reports that it has stepped up investigations into the notorious Halliburton scam and that Mr. Dodo’s questioning is connected to this probe.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


The pre 1914 protectorates of North and South where power houses and respectively had their destinies in their hands. Even with the annexation or if you like the occupation of the areas by the British, the owners of the land namely Hausa Fulani, in the North, the Yoruba and Bini in the South West, and the Ibo majority with the people of Anioma, Ogwashi, Igala who migrated to the Niger inland-Onitsha mixing up with the natives, the Ijaw, Ishekiri, Urohbo, Ibibio, Efik; they all were fending for themselves with a very boisterous trade relationships spanning to Timbuktu and Upper Volta regions. NORTHERN PROTECTORATE As early as 4000 AD, the the caliphate was up and running with its administrative structures. The Kano emirate, Bornu empire the Sokoto caliphate had through the years established itself in trade with its neighbors. These ancient cities were centres of trade for cattle, groundnuts, millet and slaves with legal tenders such as salts, tusks, hides, skin, cowries exchanging hands as money. They was connectivity by means of camels, donkeys up to the Nile of ancient Egypt. Herds men continually in search of pastures journeyed through the deserts up to Timbuktu. So it was up on till the late Seventeenth century when the British invasion/incursions started to gain foothold. Great leaders like Queen Amina, Usman Dan Fodio were products of this system and were very effective in their leadership styles and administrative prowess over seeing various conquest at different times. They were predominantly Muslims and traditionalists with tendencies for jihad. SOUTHERN PROTECTORATE-SOUTH WEST In the South it was a little more complex and sophisticated in that there was absence of homogeneity. This is because of the ethnic make up and belief of the indigenous people. The Yoruba kingdoms of Ife and Oyo were established in the early part of (between) 4500 to 5000 AD and had their administrative and trade structures established while the Bini kingdom was also established around the same time and known for their teracuta works of ancient arts which were exported to Europe as very exotic artifacts by explorers. They were both traditionalists with oduduwa as ancestral patriach and olorun as deity. They both had tribal marks which were distinct and showed origin; their trade spanned up to the Upper Volta exchanging wares and slaves for cowries and salt. They were educated in in their taboos, myths and belief systems up to the arrival of the British imperialist in the early Sixteenth century SOUTHERN PROTECTORATE- SOUTH EAST Albeit there is no historical record as to the time of settlement, their origin is Jewish. The Nri kingdom was established as at early Fifteenth century with its power and fame spreading across the area. The Awka kingdom, the Aroh kingdom were all prominent at this point in time. Predominantly traditionalists with deities such as agbala, chukwu, ala and extended trade systems. The Aroh kingdom for instance, were fierce in the slave trade, using mercenaries from Abriba, Ohafia Ezza etc to prosecute military wars on communities they invaded capturing their able bodied men and taking them away for sales up to the Upper Volta. They came to a great deal of wealth and were feared greatly. This people were educated in their taboos, myths and belief systems and they revere yam greatly holding special feasts for the harvest of yam.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


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Monday, September 28, 2015


The currently embattled FIFA is a man viewed by the west especially the United States Of America as corrupt, a maffia boss, a racketeering kingpin and all that is negative. He is viewed by them as having brought disrepute to the beautiful and lovely game of football. The scandal hit us all like a thunderbolt, it was even more effective coming to the public domain days after his re-election for a record time as President. It came as the first and last blow from Mrs. Lora Lynch and was very powerful as it has de-mobilized the man and indeed the entire working of the Federation has been crippled. The resultant is the resignation and stand down of Sepp Blatter; revelations of cans of worms from the operational stand point cum ethical workings of the Federation, the revelations of Jack Warner; the arrests of several members of the Executive Committee has completely brought the Federation to a halt. The corruption embedded in its bidding process for hosting right, questions are been raised about the Russian and Quata' rights to host 2016 and 2022. There might be truthfulness in all these; yet not been proven in a court of competent jurisdiction With the foregoing, it will be sheer absurdity not to call for Blatter' head and the re-structuring of the workings and and statutes of the Federation for International Football Association. I, as a citizen in the world, a lover of Football that abhors rot in the beautiful game, will want to submit to the prosecution that they may vilify Blatter and his FIFA; but be reminded that this same man brought some lots of positive changes to the beautiful game leading to increase in viewing and followership, increased television rights, improved sponsorship deals, inclusiveness of the continents of Africa and Asia in a way like never before in all history of the body. He brought the world cup to Africa and Asia for the first time, increased subventions to FAs around the world, establishment of academy across the world to breed the next generation of players. He has invested heavily in goal line technology, introduction of more match officials to reduce cheating and the training and retraining of FIFA badged referees thereby enhancing output. Blatter has passion for the beautiful game and has given more than half his lifetime to improving the quality of the game. To retire him as planned by the Justice Department of the United States, FBI and all other Western prosecutors will be to come down heavily on a man who has given all of himself to the game. I pray you cut him some slack given his age and contributions. Mrs. Lynch, he is a good intentioned man despite the revelations of your investigation. Nwali Theophilus Chinedu

Friday, September 25, 2015



APC-PDP RIVALRY There is a very bitter war of words between the major opposition political party(PDP) learning to be an opposition for the first time in sixteen years and the governing political party(APC) learning and trying to settle down to governance. Their experiences and strength are juxtaposed with their new roles of post 2015 general elections. It is looking more like a personal war between Chief Olisa Metu of the PDP and Lai Mohammed of APC; each on the others throat, to what gain I wonder. Yet again these men know their onion and I am certain they know what they are both up to; whatever it is, I hope it will make our democratic process and experience better. OPPORTUNIST WITHIN THE RANK These are the field characters in this whole opera, they are the actors on the floor of the red chambers; who will swing up and down like a pendulum, and swing fists and chairs based on where their political interest lies as measured and calculated by themselves. They will be actively involved in this process of fighting to dethrone Bukola Saraki with a political mindset of getting new juicy committees, perks and even become the next Senate President; they will be met by an opposite and maybe equal force of the others who strongly will be fighting to protect the Senate President for it is their reasonable service and all they have to protect so as to be able to bargain politically with their opponents, for to loose will mean forfeiture of all the have now like committees they now head etc; and these brouhaha with out recourse to their constituencies. The antics has now been upped by the anti Saraki camp. The Pilot newspaper of 22nd September, 2015 alleged that the sum of fifty thousand dollars is been shared to Senators as Sallah gift with the intention of winning them over to impeach Bukola Saraki on resumption from recess; it further reported that thirty five senators have so far signed up for the job. The paper however failed to tell us who the financiers are and the names of the senators who have signed up. It is on, the battle to out wit the other, time will tell who wins this battle. Nwali Theophilus Chinedu

Thursday, September 24, 2015


As I wait patiently for the resumption of the National Assembly from its recess, I cannot help but begin to juggle the scenario in my mind; as will be dramatized by the dramatist persona in the red chambers of the National Assembly. There are several dimensions to this whole gamut of gainstriving, truth is that there are men outside the red chambers, very powerful and influential men who are dictating the tones to the senators; this behind the scene power brokers are the reasons why this senate might implode, because they are diehards political and economic buccanneers with vested interests ready to go to any length to get their wishes even at the expense of the state and electorate. Thus my deductions:- ATIKU-TINUBU WARFARE This war started last year when after the marriage of convenience of NewPDP, Action Congress, All Nigerian Peoples Party, Congress For Progressive Change, A FactFactionAll Progressive Grand Alliance, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Ashiwaju) became the overall leader of the amalgamation, when he succeeded in installing the chairman of the party and most of the executives. Some party chieftains were not happy but managed on. Then presidential primaries of the APC, where Tinubu technically knocked out Atiku Abubakar (Trakin Adamawa) from the race to the villa; it was not amusing to a well bred politician of the PDM dynastic, a guru in power play. The Trakin Adamawa only bided his time waiting for an opportuned time to strike back. The right time showed up when the APC dawdlled in making a clear choice between Senator Lawal and Senator Saraki for the Presidency of the Senate; he struck like the political predator he is, with precision at the heart of the party and Tinubu who has played lord of the party up till the emergence of Saraki(NewPDP). APC bled while calling for the heads of Saraki and Dogora in the House of Representatives(master minded by Tambuwal-New PDP) added to the emergence of Ike Ekweremadu(PDP) as Deputy Senate President; that is how we got to this point of political limb in the Senate.